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At Spotless, we take care of all kind of laundry and dry cleaning needs in one place for you. We provide the below mentioned services

Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning

At Spotless, We use the best known product for Dry Cleaning to treat your garments resulting in crisp clean clothes.

Wet Washing Wet Washing

For your Work Wear & Medium to Heavy Garments - We provide the finest quality of scientific wash.

Lagoon Wash Lagoon Wash

Lagoon Wash is the Smart Technology of Washing Most Delicate Garments like Wool, Fur, Silk, Chiffon etc

Ironing Ironing

We make sure your clothes get the best ironing they deserve using our 3 types of ironing technology and skilled labor.

Color Plus Treatment Color Plus Treatment

This particular process adds color richness to your used or worn out garments & bring back the sheen on the fabric.

Couture Care Couture Care

Designer garments with ornaments and embellishments are pampered with love and care by our experts who bring out the best in them.

Re-Whitening Treatment Re-Whitening Treatment

Spotless’s specialized garment Rewhitening treatment gives your favorite garments the pristine white look that you have been wanting.

Sofa/Carpet Deep Cleaning Sofa/Carpet Deep Cleaning

We provide Deep Cleaning through the Injection/Extraction Process for your Sofas & Carpets and also provides protection.

Leather Care Leather Care

Leather garments demand a special understanding and care. Give them to us and replenish their life.

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  • Lagoon Wash lagoon wash
  • Vacuum Steam Press ironing
  • Roll Press ironing
  • Free Home Delivery Work
  • Alterations Misc
  • Dyeing Misc