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Re-Whitening Treatment

Let the whites do the talking for you.

Nothing beat the sparkle of white. The crisp & shining white has a statement that it makes not paralleled by any. Spotless’s specialized garment Rewhitening treatment gives your favorite garments the pristine white look that you have been wanting.

Color Plus Treatment

Spotless brings the only treatment to regain the lost color of the old garments.

This procedure is called is COLOR + Treatment. This particular process adds color richness to your used or worn out garments & bring back the sheen on the fabric.

Alateration, Darning, Dyeing

Small mends, alterations and fabric coloring are also carried out at Spotless with the primary objective to give you a Single Stop Solution for all your Laundry & Dry Cleaning Needs.

  • Dry Cleaning dry clean
  • Lagoon Wash lagoon wash
  • Vacuum Steam Press ironing
  • Roll Press ironing
  • Free Home Delivery Work
  • Alterations Misc
  • Dyeing Misc