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Royalty deserves Quality!!

Entrust your precious and favorite dress to the best.

Designer garments with ornaments and embellishments are pampered with love and care by our experts who bring out the best in them by using specialized processes and skills that not only clean them but also enhance their luster and increase their longevity.

Our Lagoon Wash ensures a specific wash process which gives a pendulum style wash with rinse tech. For that extremely gentle mechanical action. Combined with Lagoon Shampoo /2in1 & Conditioner - the garment is treated with the most soft detergents specifically designed to remove perspiration, make up & dust/dirt from the garment. Intermittent drying in Lagoon Drier ensures a 98% removal of moisture by fluctuating the temperature in the dryer to ensure the delicate fabric is not harmed.

Upon completion of processing - The Garment is finished in a Refresher upon delivery of the same - This will ensure Hygienic, Crisp & Fresh Smelling garment before being put away for Storage.

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